About Duccats International

About Duccats International

The Mission of Duccats International is the Great Commission. "To Make Disciples of All Nations."

Duccats International is focused on developing useful and unique applications and content for creative people of integrity all over the world. We create apps, books, music, games, and other creative content  with the purpose of providing a positive and fun educational experience for all ages.

In addition to Duccats Payments, Accountability Apps, Borrow Keeper, Commitment Keeper, and Jumble Face, Duccats has created and released many eBooks and music videos in multiple languages  that communicate and support a Christian worldview that can be understoond by everyone. 

Duccats is a Washington State Limited Liability Corporation.

Who We Are

Duccats International is a collaborative effort of over twenty people and organizations located across the globe, primarily in the United States and Asia. 

The two Principal contributors are currently Dave Moyer, founder and designer,  from the United States, and Herto Bastian Abul, singer, speaker, and content creator  from Indonesia. 

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