Indonesia Mission

Mission to Indonesia

Mission Goal

To encourage, strengthen, and bless the Christians following and representing Jesus in Jakarta, Bali, Flores Island, and Sumba Island in Indonesia. To show them God’s love, and our love, for them. 

Partnering With

Herto Bastian Abul - Universitas Kristen Indonesia

Mogmog Music - Music Producer

Abul family of Ruteng, Flores Island  

Gereja Katolik St. Vitalis Cewonikit - Ruteng

Results and Future Needs

Contributions to support these families and ministries may be made at here.

We were able to partner with all the groups listed above, and more on my recent trip. The generous donations I received prior to the trip were utilized 100% for the following needs.

Support of basic food, housing, and education expenses to several families in Ruteng, Jakarta, Bali, and Sumba Island. Many families are struggling with low employment, where the local economies have not recovered, post Covid. 

Donation to Gereja Katolik St. Vitalis Cewonikit - Ruteng 

Many more financial needs than we were able to meet became obvious to us while I was there. Please pray for these ongoing needs, and consider donating here. You can specifiy where you would like your donation to be directed to on the PayPal page.

I will continue to transmit all future donations to the highest priorities that we continue to learn about. These include:

Digging a shared neighborhood well that is greatly needed on Sumba Island. Funds are not available to dig a well as deep as they need to have an adequate water supply to support basic crops. This would greatly help their economic and health situation. Donations specific to the Sumba Neighborhood Well Project may be made through GiveSendGo

A beautiful new church building, large enough to house their growing congregation, is about 80% completed in Tambolaka on Sumba Island, but they lack the funds to complete the construction. Please see the photo.

Elder family members have serious health problems that cannot be properly cared for with their limited resources where they live, so funds are needed for travel to cities with better medical facilities. 

Continued need for food, home maintenance and repair, and other necessities such as cooking fuel, for struggling residents, particularly in the rural areas we visited. 

All donations that will be used 100% to directly support their urgent needs. There are no overhead expenses involved.

Thank you very much for your interest and support.