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Want something new, creative, and worthwhile for you and your children? Check out our "Picture Book of Proverbs!" And yes, it still includes the Porpoise!

Version 5 is now available on Apple Books and Amazon Kindle . Check out the new additions to this ever-growing collection.

Add some life to your neighborhood!

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"You're My God"

Herto Bastian Abul

An amazing talent from Indonesia! Check out his music.

Special Event from Indonesia!

Flores the Singing Island Virtual Festival

Watch and enjoy the wonderful musical talent and scenic beauty from Flores Island, Indonesia! People who love their singing and dancing heritage!

If you're traveling anywhere near Indonesia, be sure to visit Flores Island!

Picture Book of Proverbs - With a Porpoise

Here’s a colorful picture book depicting real Biblical Proverbs in a creative and fun way. People of all ages can enjoy the unconventional pictures as they ponder the truths conveyed in the Proverbs.

And the fun part is, that this ebook continues to grow as you grow. We're adding new Proverbs and creative pictures over time. Updates come automatically to your tablet and phone for free!

Available on Apple Books and Amazon Kindle

Intro to Real Life - English, Indonesian, and Japanese!

See the Intro to Real Life Page with all the videos! - Intro to Real Life

For an eBook version of this story, please see Apple Books or Amazon Kindle.

Good News Yard Signs are now available!

Due to resource constraints, JumbleFace is temporarily unavailable on the App Store, but we're working to have it return in the future - more engaging than ever.


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